Boracay Island, Philippines

Friday, January 30, 2009

Happiness 101 and The Sound Of Music

© Listen...
and relax..

Take A Break
© by Regina Laurel

"When times are hard..
when you feel like giving up...
here are things to look forward to.
Take a Break. Look around...
You can find joy in simple things.
You can find it by taking a walk.
Feel the wind..
The warmth of the sun.. The breeze.
The colors of nature
Looking up. Listening to music. ..
(© Copyright)

A View of Camiguin Island
. Copyright ©Regina L.
Taken at a Resort,
Misamis Oriental , November 2006

Favorite Quotes
On Happiness..

Happiness cannot come from without
It must come from within.
It is not what we see and touch
or that which others do for us
which makes us happy;
it is that which we think and feel and do,
first for the other fellow
and then for ourselves."

Helen Keller

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